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Introducing our brand new range for 2023, The Botanist Candle collection.


We've created our range with well being and relaxation in mind. Each 300ml amber glass jar is filled to the brim with our signature soy wax and beautiful fragrances.


These powerful candles will fill your home with top notes including lemongrass, lime, Iris, Vanilla and Jasmin.


Light your candle and it will give you a dark and mysterious glow giving you the perfect ambient light in any room in your home. 


Each candle is presented in a round kraft tube box making it the perfect gift to give for any occasion.


All of our candles and products are made with soy vegan chemical free wax.


Fragrance choice:

No 1 - Lemongrass | Lime

No 2 - Iris | Jasmin | Buttermilk

No 3 - Strawberry | Melon | Vanilla


The Botanist candle collection

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