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Introducing our brand new collection of handmade candles 'The Honey pot range'.


We use silicone moulds to make our bespoke stone honeycomb design containers right here in West Yorkshire. Then we fill them with our most popular new fragrances for you to enjoy.


Your candle holds 300ml of wax giving you approximately 45 hours of melting time! 


Your candle has its own lid and a dust cover too. Use your lid to store away when not in use, or pop your dust cover on when the candle is cool to protect from environment dust.


We only use vegan and cruelty free products for our candles including our fragrance oils. This gives you a cleaner burn, less chemicals in the air and is pet and child friendly.


Need a bigger size? We have the same design in a 550ml candle in our store.


Fragrances choices - 

Spa day - Bergamot, jasmin and musk  (Blue)

Sandalwood - Sandalwood and leather (Terracotta)

Lemongrass - Lemon, lime and ginger (Yellow)

Pink sands - Banana, coconut and vanilla (Pink)




The Honey Pot range soy wax candles 300ml

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