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The Palma air diffuser is one of our largest with a 400ml capacity. Its finished in a white and grey crackle effect with a pine coloured base. With its flower stem lid is creates a focal point in any room in your home.


This diffuser uses the most up to date technology and has 7 LED colour settings to create the perfect mood in your home.


Using ultrasonic waves to vaporize water and essential oil in the tank, the fragrance it creates is instant. Enjoy a cool, dry fragrant mist with minimal noise output.


The tank Capacity is 400ml and is powered by a USB cable. ( Length of the cord 100cm)

Included is an automatic cut off to the power when the water runs out.

The timer has a setting of 3-6 hours.


Height: 21.5cm, Diameter 16.5cm


Which oil to use?  - 

Use lavender to help reduce stress and aid sleep

Use peppermint to curb your appetite

Use eucalyptus oil to clear congestion and brain fog

Use thyme and tee tree to reduce bacteria in the air






EXCLUSIVE large Palma Air diffuser

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